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Curiosity, objectivity, empathy and love are the driving forces behind my passion for creating.  

I take the freedom to describe my style of working as expressionism through mental- and physical improvisation.   Working with the whole body and a free mind is my solution to reach artistic satisfaction and a total release. 

I don't stop painting until I see concrete evidence of raw ambiance revealing. The work has to start breathing on it's own. I aim to stay away from creating static images or repetitive patterns, even if there are preconceived ideas, The evidence of subconsciousness being present, is key.

Questioning subjects, balancing the physical limitations and disarming the mind bears results. If any of these are missing, my work is not complete.  Whilst knowing of having a minimalistic approach, I distance myself from being compartmentalized. Rather than creating an image, I find myself transferring intuitive emotions.

each work is a study of





 Intuition as an inner built trait is un-descripable as is. Intuition, however can be practiced if given enough opportunities to open the mind. Sensitivity toward the unknown powers of human is personal. I find it to be one of the biggest assets and excitements of life. 

To create color is to understand the secrets of color making. It's not only a technical process. Mixing colors in my opinion is in the "eye of the brain". To accomplish unique combinations from the 3 primary colors, is a journey of it's own. Color  is my alphabets and satisfied if the viewer can easily read it. Even better if the final work starts speaking to the viewer, translation not needed. 

Finding  balance through imbalance becomes a challenge. Each work becomes a  journey, aiming for a perfect imperfection. I see myself sometimes as a traveller who tries to control both the vantage point and the standpoint.

The imbalance in my work is aquaired through contrast and -physical depth of forms and colors. Subconsciously there is analyzing present as I go along, every second of working.  


subject matters

A dialogue of imperfect-perfect -brings my works to life.

Our up-bringing and early environment can dictate of who we eventually become. In an ideal and more loving world, we find the strength to rise above our circumstances and learn to look through objective lenses. Without prejudice and with a healthy curiosity toward all of the universe, we can grow. The subjects circling around the Absolute Truth, are endlessly interesting to me and reflect my work. The dark side and the light side - the big mystery of our Existence. 


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