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Master Artists top 5

Le Regard de Picasso - by David Douglas Duncan (photographed in villa La Californie 1957, Cannes)

August 27th 2018

As previously mentioned, these opinions are my own and solely reflect the analysis I’ve constructed looking at multiple modern artists.

The modern artists I appreciate outside the preliminary ’inner circle’ curated below, is very long. There are names like Francis Bacon, Paul Gauguin and Elaine de Kooning to name a few first ones. Each have something deeper in their works, commonly and un-academically referred to as magic. It’s not just art for art’s- and passion's sake, it’s another dimension that they’ve escaped to.

All the Masters in my list have multiple things in common. I only included modern artists, as the framework which we potentially share, is not that far apart. Unlike the Old Masters whose perception to life was dominated by several factors, that have been questioned ever since. Thus, I don’t feel like mentally relating to them. Needless to say that Old Masters - famous or forgotten - inhumanly talented!

Another thing I considered was: who would be the ones I’d like to talk to and have potentially a great conversation with? While I appreciate the talents and dedication of hundreds of artists, there are

few I’d wanted to have known personally.

Other common attributes of my favorite top 5 Master Artists (additional criteria found in the previous blog post):

-fast thinkers > futuristic mindset

-calculating work processes, yet art remained spontaneous -looking and intuitive

-vivid imagination and childlike approach

-challenging life (by choice or by circumstance)

-magnetizing results in majority of production


Here goes the list (with personally curated links for each artist) in alphabetical order (A-Z):

1.Louise Bourgeois

2.Eila Hiltunen

3.Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

4.Henri Rousseau

5.Andy Warhol

As a last observation, they all remained true to their self and were strongly self aware. They did not apologize for who they were, -their opinions or pretend to be someone they’re not. They openly admitted their insecurities and challenges in life and their views on the world and -movements. They were not afraid to live and make spontaneous decisions about their direction in life, despite the opinions of others. These people were true individuals, intellects and created some of the most iconic pieces that we recognize and can admire today.


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