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Inspired by the Greatest Bonds in Nature

Girl riding a horse

A free rider in touch, -trust and bonding with her companion

February 18th, 2023

Looking back at some of nature’s phenomena captured on camera, intertwined with a plan of simplifying those on canvas, gives me great satisfaction. Processing these moments, also keeps the memory of these little glimpses fresh. I start remembering how the light played around and above, what scents did the wind offer that day and which was my state of mind. Art and imagination mixes perfectly with reality, one emphasizing the other, elevating small and ’insignificant’ moments to be grand. For me, it’s rehearsing with senses and practicing being present, stepping to the other side, another dimension where time does not move forward or backward. It’s about finding stillness and peace, the bond between a woman and nature.

All the Queen’s Horses Witnessing special bonding with nature on an almost supernatural level, gives me pleasure and inspiration above anything else. A man has tamed a horse, thus it’s his treasure and responsibility for eternity. I think that in equine sports the core value does not lie in entertainment but in honoring and admiring the unity and merging energies of a man and his (or her) horse. There are not many animals we humans come into contact with in the same way as with the many breeds of equine species. In order to work with a horse as equal partners, one needs to elevate his mind to vibrate to that of the horse. One has to learn to listen with not ears but with soul. We’ve learned to look for the little micro gestures, breathing and tension of the whole being of a horse thus we should know when it’s enjoyable for them. At best it’s a one entity, as there is not two but one organism having fun and celebrating a souls bond between two species. In equine sports there’s a great responsibility given to a man in finding harmony, not abusing the animal and fine tuning the metaphysical coexistence, instead of working against the horse. With this message I’m hoping that the old-fashioned parades of Queen’s (rest her soul in peace) horses, forced to listen to the loud banging of musical instruments, is a tradition forgotten, never to rebirth again. Horses are here not for our entertainment or to suffer from our competitive and abusive nature, but to give us pleasure on a deeper level. It requires us to be willing to use our common sense and work with them, gently, respectfully and on their terms. This way the equine sports can work as a beautiful source of inspiration also for us artists, observing the beauty of the power, of almost unearthly qualities. Once we humans start thinking that we are in any way superior to the other animal species on this planet, we lose the understanding of our purpose and role as the nurturers and caregivers of the natural world. If we want to benefit and gain from these privileges working with horses, it’s essential to switch the whole energy of the sport events toward respecting the animals first, seeing the human as the server only, because that’s what we are.

We Are Not the Ones Going Extinct What nature gives us in return is an endless gamut of inspirations for art on different subject matters as well as places to travel to and admire, that are vastly different from those that we are accustomed to in our everyday lives. And ultimately we are blessed with many types of people and cultures to mingle with and to learn from. I’m sure the universe wants us here, but not in the role we humans have practiced so far. Stepping somewhere into the milky way and looking down, the absurdities of waring and exploiting other species and cultures seems like madness on steroids. A small dose of humility wouldn’t hurt, especially knowing that we’re not the ones the planet needs to balance the circle of life. This planet would actually do very well without us!

From Observing Bonds to Releasing the Energy And then there is the ice peak, the actual moment of creation when energy is released. Remember the beginning of the universe? The same phenomena occurs here, just on a much smaller scale. Whether it’s writing a story, making a movie, composing a tune, sculpting, performing on stage or fine arts on a traditional canvas, it all comes down to the finale of making sense. And if the process has been genuine, the outcome is not merely an image or a proof of accomplishing something, it’s a perception of an observer, looking to leave a mark as a result of a possibly long journey of observation.


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