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Opening of the Collection "Masquerade"

Opening reception Tanja Meski "Masquerade"
On front of "Namouna", in Tammisaari, Finland (Nefy & Tanja) 20/08/2022

August 30th 2022

The collection "Masquerade" - painted in the French riviera in 2019, is finally up and hanging in the coastal town of Tammisaari (Ekenäs), Finland. After some surprising challenges, in first acclaiming them after the pandemic (a seriously fun roadtrip from Finland to France) and then noticing that 6 pieces of artwork from the collection were actually STOLEN from the atelier/storage at Villa Namouna in Beaulieu sur Mer - I couldn't be happier that the remaining of my my babies are finally home!

Here's a list of artwork in the collection (inclusive of the missing artwork):

1) Masquerade CM90 X 90(X2) MISSING!

2) The Judgement of Paris CM120 x 200(h) MISSING!

3) Alter Ego (diptych) CM40 x 80(h) > 1 piece of total 2 MISSING!

4) Despite, Would Love to Hear You Say It CM70 x 200(h) (quadriptych) 1 piece of total 4 MISSING!

5) Breaking CM65 x 100(h) MISSING!

6) Namouna CM150 x 200(h)The Three CM52 x 74(h)

7) NGC 6946 CM130 x 215(h)

8) Horizon Series CM80 x 100(h)

9) Talking to the Moon CM80 x 100(h)

10) Floating on a Danger Zone (triptych) 240 x 100(h)

11) Thales' Oceans CM150 x 150

12) The Three CM65 x 100(h)

13) Mind Games CM200 x 130(h)

14) The Last Petal Falling CM65 x 100(h)

15) The Healer Is In You CM80 x 60(h)

16) Soulmates(diptych) CM65 x 65 (x2)

(Not available for viewing are the following artworks: Talking to the Moon; Horizon series; The Three; plus the missing pieces)

I hearby declare a WANTED alert in hopes that ALL of the missing artwork come back to me. I haven't written any Certificates of Authenticities for any of the above mentioned missing artwork.

You can play a part in this hunt, too! Should you have detective skills (online or otherwise), have heard or seen anything related to the pieces or know someone that knows something...

The largest artwork was The Judgement of Paris, CM120 x 200(h) IN51 x 79(h), so it cannot just disappear into thin air!

Any tips that lead to claiming back any of the artwork, will be granted. You'll receive a painting with a Certificate of Authenticity, as it should. DM or Tel.+358 4566 79 585

Most likely the pieces were taken from the Villa between the fall of 2019 and the fall of 2021.

...and now back to something more fun!

You are cordially invited to view this collection along with other older pieces to my home town in the coastal area of Finland. Tammisaari (Ekenäs in swedish) is close to Helsinki, about 100km away. You comfortably arrive by train or a car. This seaside resort-village surprises you with a warm atmosphere and nordic ambience. This time of year, we still get easy access to the archipelago by boat, plenty of forests to roam, berries & mushrooms to pick. Our old town is quaint and scenic with plenty of small harbors to bird watch, jog and to inhale the fresh air. You're guaranteed to leave inspired and invigorated. It's a paradise for all ages!

For more info and inspiration, you can follow my instagram accounts @tanjameski and @tanjameski_art

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Until we meet in person, welcome!


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